Hi! Thanks for visiting and welcome to our website. We guess you’re looking up some information about us and you don’t understand Spanish. That’s ok 🙂
Sadly we don’t have the resources to keep our whole site updated in English, but this should help you get a general idea of who we are and what we do. However do feel free to contact us through contacto@datauy.org asking for anything else you might need or want to know, and we’ll do our best to answer ASAP.

DATA Uruguay is a civil society organization founded in April 2012 that works on open government, open data, transparency, freedom of information and participation through the use of civic technology. It’s a horizontally managed and consensus-based organization, and the vast majority of our projects are either co-created with partners experts on the subject matter (Government, Academia, Media, other CSOs) or with the community.  Our work is done through:



Our mission

To contribute to a more just society through the use of open data and civic technology, based on three pillars; social tools for participation and the reuse of open data, strengthening of communities and social activism.

Our vision

A more just society can’t exist without the participation of informed people. For this, public information, open data, transparency and civic tech are fundamental and we mean to contribute from those.




¿Does D.A.T.A. mean something else?

It’s an acronym for Open Data, Transparency and Access to Information in Spanish.

¿DATA Uruguay publishes or could get me Open Data?

Beyond Open Data from our own apps, no. Data publication is part of the activities that organizations (public or private) might wish to do. DATA Uruguay fosters the reuse of data and the creation of tools based on it, but does not possess a repository of third party data or acts as an intermediary for data requests. We do however take part and foster dialogue and participation that lead to the request of datasets, such as the dialog tables that are part of the creation of the National Action Plan for the Open Government Partnership.

I’ve got an idea, wanna do it?

Maybe, but to be honest we’ve got much more ideas than what we can handle already. We’d still love to hear it, it might connect to one of our current or future projects or we might be able to help if you’re willing to take on the project and look for resources.

Can I contract you for a civic tech project?

Could be! We usually work through partnerships, the issue or topic must be aimed to «social good» and within the areas of expertise of ourselves and our partners, but do feel free to contact us and we can talk it over.

Take me to your leader!

That would be hard, because we work horizontally as a team. Any one of us can answer your questions or at least contact you with the right person in case you need something specific.

What’s Open Data?

Wikipedia is a good place to start, but you might find a much better answer on the Open Data Handbook from the Open Knowledge Foundation.

What are you affiliated to?

Our members have freedom to be part of any organization but DATA Uruguay is fully independent. On each project we might choose to partner with the organization or organizations that share our specific objectives, without that meaning a broader commitment with them on the rest of our work. Internationally, we work in the same way with organizations and funders from around the world.





DATA Uruguay’s logo is available for download in it’s color, greyscale and monochrome version, for light and dark backgrounds. Illustrator, EPS and PDF files included, as PNGs with transparent background in high definition.
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